Home Missionaries

  • John Davis

    John and his wife Dawn moved to Powelton Village in August 2009 to start Grace Church of Philly in University City. John is the lead pastor at Grace. He was born and raised in Philly and believed it was time to come ``home`` and invest his life planting churches in Philly. John has been senior pastor for over 40 years planting churches in Buckingham, PA and Queens, NY and serving two other churches in Brooklyn NY and Roslyn, PA. John and Dawn have been married for 41 years and have five children and 12 grandchildren.

  • Theodor Yonkeu   

    I serve the Lord Jesus Christ as one of the pastors in Grace Church Philly with my wife and two children. Before coming to the USA, I served as a senior pastor in more than 20 churches in Cameroon under the Full Gospel Mission of Cameroon. Here in Philadelphia, I have been serving for more than 7 years under the leadership of John Davis. As a pastor, I preach on Sundays from time to time, conduct bible studies in French on Wednesdays, and outreach once a month on Saturdays. Twice or thrice a year, a team of pastors, me included, we go the Cameroon for missionary work, to train local pastors and equip them for ministry. Recently, my wife and I decided to launch a ministry to the women and children, boys and girls, to empower them to use natural and local resources to improve their quality of lives; we added to that a Tabitha ministry that my wife has been leading for many years.  

  • Safwat Attia

    Pastor Safat is an EFCA pastor supported by Fellowship Bible Church and ministers to Egyptians and Muslims in Staten Island and Brooklyn. 

  • Bill Curry and Joe Darrow

    Infaith Missions

    Cornerstone Community Church     

  • Krzensinski Family

    Daystar Baptist Missions

    Former Missionaries in Poland, now reaching the Polish of Columbus, OH