Sunday Morning Children's Programs at FBC

At FBC, we want to see your child grow into godly young people who truly live for the Lord.  We want your child to know and love our amazing Savior!  Our children's ministries are not child care while parents worship the Lord upstairs. Instead, they are a discipleship program where teachers get to know and love your child.  They are purposeful, weekly opportunities for the Holy Spirit to reach the heart of your child.  They are the start of lessons and discussions about the Gospel message that you, as parents and guardians, continue to build on and reinforce throughout the week.


The mission of our program is to lead children to Christ and guide them into a life-long, dynamic relationship with Him.


On Sunday mornings, FBC is an exciting place for your child to be with two unique programs.  Our Sunday school hour (9:30 - 10:15 am) is deep, meaningful, and seeks to develop godly thinking in a small group setting. During our Jr. Church program (11:00 - noon) the children study Christ's significance through upbeat songs, games, activities, and creative Bible lessons. All children in pre-k to grade 6 are welcome to join us!


The safety of children is a top priority at FBC.  The vast majority of our teachers and helpers have been serving five years or more.  They are experienced, dedicated, and committed to ministering well.  All members of our children’s staff have been subject to background clearances and are regular, consistent attenders at Fellowship Bible Church.  Each of our teachers is a member of the church. Our children's space is video-monitored to ensure the protection of our little ones and outside entrances are locked during the Jr. Church hour. 


We have a Facebook site with updates and ideas for parents and caregivers.  If you'd like access to the site, email Kristy Bentzley at or contact the church office.


Check out our Jr. Church hour curriculum:


Check out our Sunday school hour curriculum:



For more weekly resources to serve and encourage your children, we invite you to join our Jr. Church Facebook Page. If you would like access, please email the church office at and request your information be forwarded to our Children's Ministry Director, Kristy Bentzley.


Grades K - 6th
Books: FBC has been working on a collection of DVDs and books to help parents point their children to the Savior. When we return to meeting together, you may talk to Kristy Bentzley to borrow any one of these resources for two weeks. However, while we are quarantined, we want to make them available now to help as you disciple your children. The items will be kept in the church and are available for you to borrow beginning Friday. See the hyperlink for a list of the resources available.

Safety and Security @ FBC

Here at FBC, the highest priorities for our children’s ministries are the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus and the safety and security of our children. We have taken numerous safety measures to ensure that these priorities are upheld.

  1. Security Cameras with 24-hour live feed of the inside and outside of the church
  2. All of church employees and volunteers have had background checks as directed and instructed by the state of Pennsylvania
  3. Security Personnel watching cameras and entrances during children’s ministry activities
  4. Doors that allow access to Children's ministry area are locked during Jr. Church