Miracle of the Resurrection

We invite you to join us Sunday, April 21 to celebrate the victorious resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The cross and the resurrection are the hope for the believer, and would love for you to join us to reflect upon and celebrate the Resurrection. We meet at 9:30 am for our Sunday morning growth groups for all ages. Our morning worship services then begins afterwards at 10:30 am. If you are looking for a place to worship or simply want to know who Jesus is and what He is all about, we welcome you to come and visit us here at FBC.  

A True Miracle

Are you craving a miracle today? The truth is true healing only comes through Jesus Christ. Now Jesus did many miracles and healed many people. He gave sight to the blind. He cast out demons. He healed the paralyzed. He calmed the storms. He multiplied 5 loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5, 000 men (not counting women and children). He raised the dead. All amazing; all awesome! The reality is Jesus is still doing miracles today. Yes, He still heals the broken and the sick. He still provides in miraculous ways. Praise God! Nevertheless, His greatest miracle is bringing rebellious sinners to repentance and faith. That is the greatest miracle of all. How many wars are ended by the wronged party taking back their enemy and forgiving them? It is unheard of! Nevertheless, the greatest miracle Jesus does in a person’s life is to bring them back to the Father. So, if you are desperately craving to see a miracle, read the Bible and see the lengths God goes through to redeem you and me, His enemies. Yes, Jesus raised the dead like Lazarus in John 11. Even more so He is raising dead souls to newness of life every day all by grace through faith in His completed work on the cross and His resurrection (Ephesians 2). Will you heed the call of Jesus, the Great Physician?