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Wipe Out!

Jun 16, 2024

If Noah’s ark was found this week, would it make a difference?

Does God repent? ever?

Is God sorry?

Do you know what Anthropomorphisms are?

Does God forget our sins? literally?

Can Gods heart be broken? Does He have a heart?

Was God surprised when He saw the wickedness of man in Noahs day?

Is it essential to believe in a global flood? Why?

God promised to "wipe out" the world? Was it necessary to be so extreme? If so, why?

Do you remember any other displays of Gods wrath, in smaller measures, in scripture?

Do you know how fossils are formed? 

Here are some tools that may help

What should we learn from God's Wrath?

Do you know the names of Yahweh or Jehovah? What do they mean?

How important is God's name?