Desire to know, love and serve the only true God; by His grace and for His glory.

Our Mission

Our strategy is three-fold and prioritized in the following order:

EXALTATION: Loving God, placing Him first, above all
EDIFICATION:  Loving our Christian family by building them up
EVANGELISM:  Loving the spiritually lost by giving them the good news

FAQS about FBC

Q: What can I expect during my first visit to FBC?
A: You can expect a warm, friendly church family that will welcome you to our church and be excited that you are visiting FBC.

Q: What do you believe as a church?
A: Please visit our Mission & Beliefs page under our Inside FBC section.

Q: How would you describe the teaching style?
A: Laid back, yet biblically sound and straight to the point. Mike Jarrell, our teaching pastor, is a very down to earth guy. He will commonly interject analogies and illustrations within his messages to present the truths of the Bible and demonstrate how to apply them to our everyday lives. Although he'll intermingle a joke or two throughout his sermons, there is no mistaking the passion he has for God's Word and the seriousness of the call to deliver it to God's people.

Q: What’s your music like?
A: The music at FBC is lead by a full contemporary band. The songs we sing range from the latest contemporary Christian radio hits to hymns written 100 years ago but redone in a contemporary styling. Please visit our Music Ministry page from more information.

Q: How should I dress?
A: Comfortably. I wouldn't go as far as wearing that Zebra print Snuggie you got for Christmas, but at FBC we focus on the heart, not outward appearances. Although you might find a small number of people more formally dressed, the majority of our congregants wear jeans and a nice shirt.

Q: Is child care provided?
A: Absolutely! From our competent Nursery staff to our creative Sunday School and Children's Church teachers, we've got you covered. Child care from infancy to pre-teens is available during both worship services and growth classes. For more information visit our Ministries section.

Q: How big is FBC?
A: We currently have about 120+ regular attenders between both Sunday morning services.

Q: How long does your service usually last?
A: Our worship services last roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please visit our Worship Gatherings page for more details.

Q: Is it easy to get connected at FBC?
A: For a church our size we have a large number of opportunities for you to get connected. Please visit our Plugging In pages to find a Bible Study, Fellowship, or Growth Class that fits your preference and schedule.

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