The Ministry of Silence

Jun 25, 2023    Pastor Jason

What is your definition of a friend?

What is the role of a friend?

What are examples of godly friendships in the Scriptures?

What are some examples of times when figures in Scripture were poor friends?

Read Job 2:11-13, Job 4-5, Job 6 esp. Job 6:14 and Job 19:1-6. When were Job's friends comforters? When did Job's friends only make things worse?

How do you want your friends to respond to you when you are hurting?

What sort of friend are you to those close to you who are hurting?

When people are hurting are you tempted to try to fix the problem?

Can a Christian be friends with those who don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior?

Is it okay for a Christian to be an introvert? Is it okay for a Christian to prefer to be alone?

What did God mean by it is NOT good for man to be alone in Genesis 2?

What does it mean to have a ministry or be a minister?

Would you consider yourself a biblical counselor?

Is Romans 12:15 a fair description of you as a friend?

What does Jesus mean in John 15:13-15?

What does it mean to be a friend of God (see James 2:2)?