Does Job fear God for nothing?

Jun 11, 2023    Pastor Mike

Why does God allow Satan in heaven before Him?

What is the significance of Satan roaming about on the earth? - 1 Peter 5:8

Why does God put a target on Job's back?

What does Satan's accusation mean? "Does Job fear God for nothing?" - Job 1:9-12

What is the deepest level reason why YOU fear God?

What are Satan's other names?

Pay attention to the discussion between God and Satan and how the devil needed permission to touch Job! Which says what?!

Please list the different kinds of suffering and which you would abhor most?

Is suffering ever a punishment for sin?

In Satan's first assault on Job, what did he take/destroy? What didn't he take? What questions and lessons can we mine from this passage?

Despite all this, what was Job's perspective?