Though He slay me, I will hope in Him

Jul 23, 2023    Pastor Mike

Does God ever take peoples lives? What do you think of that? Does He have a right to?

Do you know the story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son Isaac? Gen 22:1 Isn't this a troubling and puzzling command of God? It seems so opposite of what we know of Him, doesn't it?

What are the very real reasons for our key verse this week? "Though He slay me, I'll trust Him"?

Suffering is one of the most purifying revealers of our hearts ever! When people suffer poorly what does it reveal?

How powerful is the pivotal interrupting word "Yet"??

Being "slain" reminds of of what aspects of this present Life?  

Do you remember Daniels friends declaration when threatened with death if they didn't bow before the idol? Dan 3:16 -18 "Whether God rescues us from you or not, we bow only to God!"

Where is your ultimate and present Hope? When people tell you to have Hope, what does that mean?

What are the things in your life worth dying for? List them all

Ask 5 people who know you, and who arent immediately thinking about this list of questions or not in the environment of church, what they think are the things you live for! Will you be surprised?

How is this verse a huge paradigm shift in human perspective?!!