The Complaint, Lament and Praise of "What is Man?"

Jul 2, 2023    Pastor Jason

What is lament?

What is the difference between a complaint and a lament?

What is Job's point in Job 7:17 considering the context is Job lamenting?

Where else in Scripture do you find the phrase "What is man?"

How do these other passages compare to Job 7:17

What separates humanity from the rest of creation?

What is the significance of Jesus coming in the likeness of man?

Have you ever felt like God isn't aware of you or what you are going through?

Have you ever felt like Job, when it seems like the LORD is too focused on you?

Have you ever had someone personally invest time into you and you wonder why they are investing that time in you?

How would you answer the question, "How do you know God loves you?"

Can you recall an occasion when Jesus laments? Why would God in human flesh ever need to lament?

Are humans allowed to question God? Is it a sin to question the Almighty?