Brace yourself like a man!

Aug 13, 2023    Pastor Mike

Why does God answer from the whirlwind? Is it a Symbol?

Throughout the book of Job, 4 different men speak, who was the last one to speak before Job 38:1 says "Then the LORD answered Job"? What does this say?

God states to answer "like a Man"! God endows men with certain responsibilities and skills, what are they? Man up!

Job has been asking a barrage of Questions of God! Which did he answer?

God states in Job 38:3 that Job WILL Answer to God! Are you ready to do some answering?!!

God gives a somewhat lengthy response, what is He saying? What's He really saying?

God calls on some witnesses on behalf of His character and design, who/what are they?

One day you will stand before God, and you will have much to answer for, do you know what? and are you ready?