The LORD is Full of Compassion and is Merciful

Aug 27, 2023    Pastor Mike

The book of Job is a hard road but we've finally arrived, how do you read the final result?

James 5:11 tells the story of Job in a way some people find hard to believe, do you?

Job 42:9 says "the LORD accepted Job." What does this say to us and especially in context?

What is the significance of "the LORD increased double all that Job had."? Does this mean blessings = stuff?

Please list all that God gave Job double of! What was not stated in Ch.42 that was in Ch.1:3? What else did he receive that wasn't listed? Job 1:3, Job 42:12, Job 42:13 

Why was Job only blessed with 10 new children when he had 10 before, isn't he supposed to receive double, 20 new children? Is it to show that some things can't be replaced? Or is this something else?

James 5:11 uses a few different words for Jobs character, depending on the translation you use. What different words are used and how does it impact your understanding?

Job is also highly regarded in Ezekiel 14:20 and vs.14. Who is he mentioned with and why?

"Then all his brothers, all his sisters, and all who had known him before came to him". Why did the scripture not mention them until now? Job 19:13-14, 

Verse 11 says "all the adversities that the LORD had brought on him" but Job 1-2 tells us it was Satan's doing, at Gods permission. So how do we reconcile the 2 passages?

Job 42:17 "And Job died, an old man and full of days." reminds us that death is inevitable, even when blessed!