Who will speak for me when I can't

Jul 16, 2023    Pastor Mike

His children all dead, His close friends accusing him of sin that invited this punishing anger from God, His wife telling him to curse God and die and God seemingly against him, How alone and lonely must Job have felt? Ever feel that alone and unwanted? How awful is that?

Do you know the roles of Arbiters, Mediators, Intercessors, Advocates...? 

There are actually numerous amazing moments of mediators in scripture, can you think of some of the stories where people stepping in to a conflict and brought real reconciliation and/or cessation of hostility?

Can you remember a time in your life where someone stood up for you and did for you what you couldn't have done for yourself?

Consider some other bible stories of arbiters: (all in blue are hyperlinks)

Genesis 19:6

Exodus 17:11

Exodus 32:32

Numbers 16:48

Numbers 21:7

1 Samuel 19:4

1 Samuel 25:34

2 Samuel 20:22

2 Samuel 24:17

Job 16:19

Job 16:21

2 Samuel 24:16-17

Romans 9:3

1 Timothy 2:5

Philemom 1:18

How is Jesus like Job in His isolation and estrangement? Mat 27:46

How is Jesus like, and yet not like Job in His suffering?

Did you know that once you belong to Christ He is FOR YOU! And how! Do you know what that means or scripture for it?