The 3 Little Bears ... Bear #1

May 12, 2024    Pastor Mike

What are the 3 "Bears" of Galatians 6? In what order?

Are we responsible for others problems? Who, when, how much, when not?

Are we ever to "judge" others sins?

What should we do, if anything, when we know others sins? (Suicidal teen begging not to tell, murderer?...)

What is the "Law of Christ"?

When someone sins against you, how do you usually handle it?

When others feel offended by you and confront you, even if imperfectly, how do you handle it?

To help others, the prerequisite is that we're "spiritual". Is that an easy out or a helpful hint, like bend your knees when you lift?

What are 3 of the times that you were greatly blessed by others who helped you when you were burdened or caught in sin? Have you thanked them?

When were there times that you went to a fellow believer to render an assist? How did the Lord help you do that well?

Proverbs 27:6