The Uncivil, Civil War!

Apr 7, 2024

Christ gave us freedom, but free to do what?

We see the words "Law", "Flesh" (5x in this text, 18x in Galatians) and "Spirit" often in this text, how do they relate? What other word is a major driver in this passage?

How often do you know what's right, but feel urges, desires, and compulsions to sin?

The Spirit and flesh are contrary to one another! Ever feel the tug of war within? How do you handle it? What do you call it?

Which is stronger? The Spirit or the flesh?

What do the "deeds of the flesh" look like, how many have you suffered from?

This portion says those who "evidence" or "practice" these sins will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Our works "should" evidence our faith and character! If you were on trial for being a Christian, would the evidence be enough to convict you?

How is this text like the book of James we studied in the fall?

We are told to "walk by the Spirit" and be "led by the Spirit", how do we do that?

What other famous bible passage reflects this internal struggle?

What does "Love your neighbor as yourself" really mean and apply?