It's Not How Many (Seeds), It's the Promised Seed!

Mar 3, 2024    Pastor Mike

Paul elaborates on some lengthy yet vital points in chapter 3 what are they?

The Word "Law" is stated 32x in Galatians, 14x in chapter 3 alone! Does that say something?

Why did God give us the Law to begin with?!

Another very important word is emphasized in this chapter, do you see it?

There is a special discussion about "seed" and "seeds", what's that about? What are other lessons from this?

Do you remember the very 1st prophecy of a "promised one", a "Messiah", the "Christ"? Where is it?

Why does the bible tell us the story's of Miracle births? How many were there?

Abraham (7x in chapter 3) is a central figure in this text, why?

A discussion arises about the "promises", "promised one", and "covenants", how does this connect?

What does Galatians 3:28 mean?? How could it be distorted to evil purposes?

In this text, who is the guardian (Au Pair? tutor) an "Heir", and what are the inferences of being "clothed in Christ", and the mediator?

In light of this text how are we to live by faith then?