The Deeper the Root, the Greater the Fruit

Apr 21, 2024    Pastor Mike

Please read these short passages in relation to this Sundays texts:

John 15:1-13

Isaiah 5:1-6  

Psalm 1:1-6

Galatians 6:7-10

2 Kings 19:30, Isaiah 37:31

Matthew 12:33-37

Are the fruit what you get/enjoy or exhibit?

There are 9 fruit of the Spirit, what are their "opponents"? Or Opposites? Temptations?

If the 8 fruit, following Love are expressions of love, what are they saying?

Can you think of Bible Characters who evidenced each of the fruit? Who for which fruit?

If I were to show the list of fruit to those closest to you, would they be able to verify that the Holy Spirit is "Produce"ing this fruit in you?