Give me Liberty, or give me ...

Mar 24, 2024    Pastor Mike

What is a yoke? How does this symbol help us?

Who else used the yoke illustration?

Christ set us free! From what?

Our text this week relates well to our season; "Passover"! When Moses said "Let my people go", what was the reason he gave?

Again, Paul uses circumcision as an example of "Rule"igion, why and how?

What is the "offense of the Cross"?

Many Americans have become comfortable with the "cross", but how would it have been offensive in Paul's day?

Notice the mutually exclusive contrasts of "if you do one, the other is of "No value" 5:2, 6, 5:4, 12

What does he mean by being careful of a "little leaven"?

What does the cross mean to you?