Jesus Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Mar 31, 2024    Pastor Mike

Our message this week is going to break away from Galatians a bit to live in the dawn of our Lords rising!

1 Survey shows only 2% of Adults say Resurrection Sonday is the most important holyday of their faith, what does this say?

Just how important is "Passion week" to our faith?

Can anyone truly worship Resurrection Sonday without thoughtful reflection of passion week and "Good Friday"?

What are at least 5 powerful statements a risen Savior establishes?

In a 2022 study, only 33% of teens believe Jesus rose from the dead, why?

Do Christians have "blind" faith?

How would you persuade others that Jesus rose from the dead and all that it means, to post Christian America?

There are so many stunning and surreal aspects of Passion week, which ones are your favorite?

How many times did people encounter our risen Savior?