Bear #2 - Gracious Burden Bearing

May 19, 2024

What does Paul mean by burdens/load?

Do you feel qualified to bear other people’s burdens with them? Why or why not?

How does Paul describe this person who bears their own

What does it mean to bear someone else’s burden?

How do we bear another person’s burden when our burdens are overbearing?

What burdens are you feeling right now? What is making your load too great for you to bear?

Does Christ live these roles in how He ministers to His people?

Why are we commanded to bear our burdens?

What if our burden is too much to bear? How should we respond?

What role does Matthew 11:30 play in this discussion?

Do you acknowledge the burdens on your heart?

Who are figures in Scripture that bore the burdens of others as well as their own (besides Jesus Christ)? How did they accomplish this great task?

What is your reaction to the reality that we can bear our burdens because Christ bore the greatest of man’s burdens?

How does bearing one’s own burdens relate to the reality of the Christian being weak? Are we even strong enough to do the very thing

Paul is asking of us in Galatians 6:5?

In our day, why are people prone to not taking as much responsibility as they should be?