What does God think about the Arabs?

May 5, 2024

This Sunday our Missionary: Safwat Attia, will be here to share his ministry and answer questions in the Adult Sunday bible study hour, 9:30 - 10:20 downstairs in room 2, please join us! He'll preach too at 11am.

What's the difference between an Arab, a Muslim and a Hamas supporter? You could be all 3 or only 1 of those.

Does the Bible say anywhere if God cares for/about Arabs? A rather interesting answer is found in Genesis 21:9-21

Do you remember the spiritual symbolism of Egypt? Isaiah 31:1, Acts 7:39, Matthew .2:15, Hebrews 11:26-27, Revelation 11:8

Some specific scripture speaks to the future for Egypt - Acts 2:10, Isaiah 19:23-25, Revelation 5:9

Christians often oppose the majority of Arabs, not because they're Arabic, but because of their false religion of Islam which most Arabs follow. There ARE Christian Arabs and Christian Palestinians, although a very small minority. We also know most Jews are spiritually lost and don't follow Jesus. Most Christians support the nation of Israel, not carte blanch, but what are the reasons we support them? Do you know?

Do you know how to share the gospel with a Muslim? You don't need to know a lot about Islam, but there are a few distinctions that would help you to give the gospel, did you know Muslims believe in Jesus to an extent?

Do you harbor any bias or lack love for Muslims? Should you?