Patience! He's Coming!

Dec 17, 2023    Pastor Mike

How would you define patience? Do you have much of it?

How does the Bible define it?

Many say never to pray for patience, but what are we really saying by that?

Why does James use the illustration of a farmer? Are there other biblical parallels for farming?

What are the "early and late" rains meant to teach?

If the coming of the Lord was "near" 2000 years ago, did God fail to keep His word?

What are the sinful behaviors that result from "impatience"?

What is the "blessed" reward of those who "wait" on God?

Who are the pictures of "godly patience" mentioned in James?

James 5:12 issues a directive to always be true to your word! Do you always say fully and clearly what you mean and measure what you say?!