The Defiant Sins of Omission!

Dec 3, 2023

Does the Bible ever say IF God laughs? If so, what about?

Is it wrong to make plans? What is Ja.4:13-17 really saying?

When the plans are made, what is interesting about them?

When you hear the word “Tomorrow” how does it affect you?

What is the Annie song “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya” about?

Do you think life is short? Why do some think its long?

Do you ever say “Lord willing” or “If the Lord wills”?

When thinking of Gods will, what’s the 1st concern?

James says the wrong thinking amounts to what sins?

What are sins of Omission? What are yours?

4:17 Mentions a very real and clear sin, which is?...

How do we know the right thing to do?

James warns against selfish ambition, but “all” ambition?