Look at the Ledgers, your wealth was God's stewardship

Dec 10, 2023    Pastor Mike

James warns rich people of what? Who is rich?

Recent studies show half the world lives on $_____ US a day? your guess? Does this make you rich?

When he tells them to weep (4:9) as a link to Ja.4

What is he saying when he says "Your riches have rotted and are moth eaten…corroded"?

James warns us that our Ledgers and bank Accounts will "serve as a testimony against you" When God judges us, thoughts?

Where are you "storing up your Treasure"?! Ja.5:3 or Mat 6:20, Mat 19:21, Luk 12:33, Luk 18:22

Ever wonder why some of the favorite Christmas classics are such powerful reminders of Ja.5? Scrooge, Grinch and Saint Nick?

St. Nick has a powerful and profound testimony of how Jesus changed his life! Do you remember any of the true story so that you can correct the worlds’ misshapen identity that has replaced him?

Is it possible, if not likely, that the real reason people recoil at spiritual messages about Christian generosity and biblical teaching on giving is because we don’t want our idolatry and pleasures challenged or we selfishly refuse to stop our embezzlement of Gods resources?

Are you cheap toward the one who has lavished His love and grace on you?