The Terrible Sin of Favoritsm

Oct 15, 2023    Pastor Mike

Is favoritism a sin?

Does God have favorites? What are ways in which we may think/say so?

Is favoritism a form of judgmentalism?

Be honest; If Jalen Hurts or Bryce Harper were to join us some Sunday for worship? Would you be more interested and likely to talk with them as any other visitor?

What do you think of Nepotism, bias, partiality, partisanship, cronyism?

Why is being “partial” ranked as evil as adultery and murder?

Have you ever struggled with whom your loyalty belongs to? Would you cover for a child or a spouse or friend if they committed a crime?

How should this teaching affect your life and treatment of others?

What is the Royal Law? Why is it called that? Jas 2:8

How is the royal law like/different from the golden rule? Mat 7:12, Luk 6:31

Jas 2:10 has been understood by some people as saying that ALL sin is the same, is that true and what does this passage really mean?

Why does James end the passage reminding us of mercy in contrast to the Law?