Does It Pass the Smell Test?

Oct 8, 2023    Pastor Mike

1:22 “not just hearers who deceive themselves.” What is James rebuking here? Why are there so many false converts and carnal christians? Shouldn't the Lord expect much from us?!

How much of the scriptures that you know, do you follow/live/obey?

What are areas in your life where you “deceive yourself”? We ALL do, to some measure.

What metaphor lesson is James using when he mentions a Mirror? 1:22-25

Did you know that mirrors, as we know them, are relatively new, what would it be like IF we couldn’t see ourselves clearly?

What are some famous literary story’s about “dangerous or poor reflections/mirrors”?

Is it possible to be a true Christian who “lives” in brazen sin and unrepentant disobedience? Why are so many “christians” living in immorality”? Are they really saved? 1Jn.2:29, 3:7-10

James mentions 3 specific areas of application at the end of the passage to “prove” our religion, which are??? How well are you doing these?