The Humble Christian, The Prideful Judge, and the ONE Lawgiver

Nov 26, 2023    Pastor Jason

What is the “therefore” there for?

What does it mean to submit to God?

What does it mean to resist the Devil?

What does it mean that the Devil will flee from those who resist him?

What do you do when you submit to God, and resist the Devil, and it still feels like the Devil is not fleeing, and you are still being spiritually oppressed?

Are there any words or phrases that stand out to you in this passage? Why?

What is James’ intention in James 4:9?

What does James 4:11 have to do with James 4:1-10?

What does James mean by speaking against a brother and sister?

How are we able to discern the difference between speaking against a brother or sister versus either confronting or criticizing a brother or sister?

Do Christians judge?

Is it biblical for Christians to judge others?

What is the connection between humility and being judgmental?

Does being judgmental mean you are always prideful?

Is it possible to be humble with a judgmental heart?

What is at the heart of overly judgmental/overly?

What does James mean when he writes speaking against a brother or sister equals speaking against and judging the law?

What is the significance of James using the word doer in v. 11?

What aspect of God’s law is James focusing on?

How does James 4:1-6, 7-12 fit with James 4:13-17?