The Inward Battle and The Outer War

Nov 19, 2023    Pastor Jason

What is the connection James is making in James 3 and James 4?

How do you respond to conflict?

What does James mean by source?

Who is James talking to in verse 1? What does he mean by among you? *Note: The you is “you” (pl)

Where is this conflict taking place? Is the conflict inwardly within the individual or outwardly towards others?

How do you handle conflict?

What would be your 7 tips for conflict resolution?

What is at the root of all quarrels and conflicts?

What is the solution for conflict and quarrels?

James has stated numerous times people are not as good as we sometimes think we are James 1:14-15, 3:6-10. James 4 clearly states that the source of our conflict is our desires. So why do people, including some Christians think people are naturally good?

What makes a desire good or bad?

How does one discern the motives of their heart?

What does it mean to be friends with the world? What does friendship with the world look like practically?

What is the significance of James 4:5 especially when viewed in light of James 4:2?

What does James mean by a greater grace? Does God give more or less grace to people? If so, based on what criteria?

What verse is James quoting in James 4:6?

What is the significance of James quoting this verse from Proverbs?

Is there any thematic connection between the point James is making in James 4:6 and Peter is making in 1 Peter 5:5?