Hard Prayers in the Times of Trouble

Dec 31, 2023    Pastor Jason

What was the other word for patience Pastor Mike used when we were reading James 5:7-11?

What is the hardest aspect of patience?

What thoughts come to mind when you hear the word endure/endurance?

How does Hebrews 6:13-20 help us understand what is happening in James 5:7-20?

What is the point of prayer?

What, if any, is the relationship between prayer, endurance, and patience?

Is prayer effectual when the Lord knows everything, from the beginning to the end, and needs no counsel?

What similarities do you see between James 5:12 and Matthew 5:33-37?

What themes do you see between James 4:13-17 and James 5:12-20?

What are the various examples of prayers/kinds of prayers?

What does James mean by suffering? Cheerful? Sick?

Does James' example of Job help us understand what James means by suffering

Is James 5:14-15 descriptive or perspective?

Why are the elders called in?

What is the prayer of faith?

Why do the prayers of elders seem different from those of other believers?

How does James 5:16 connect to James 5:14-15?

What is the connection James is making between prayer and confession and restoration (v. 19-20)

What similarities do you see between James' discussion in chapter versus chapter 5?

Who all do you see praying in James 5:13-20?