I Do Not Nullify the Grace of God

Feb 18, 2024    Pastor Mike

Paul has some very strong words for those who add human merit to the free gift of grace in the gospel! What does Paul mean when he says not to "nullify" Gods grace?

How do some other translations describe nullifying?

Paul also says we mustn't so disgrace Jesus' sacrifice that we are in essence saying His death was "for nothing"! But how do people do that?

How do other versions reword "Christ died needlessly"?

Another radical ideology is to consider ourselves "dead" to the law, what does that mean and not mean?

"I have been crucified with Christ" is a beautiful, powerful but often misunderstood perspective, how would you explain it?

What is the correct root motivation described in this text for "living for God"? How often does this motivation drive your life?

How should we Christian's "live by faith" instead of "Law"?