The Foolish Notion of Works-Based Salvation

Feb 25, 2024    Pastor Jason

Why does Paul call the Galatians foolish?

What point is Paul making with all these rhetorical questions?

Who are the children of Abraham?

How do Gentiles become the children of Abraham?

What does Galatians 3:6 mean?

What did Abraham believe?

Is Abraham a believer like a Christian is a believer?

What is Paul saying in Galatians 3:10?

How are all who are works of the Law under a curse? What is Paul saying about these people?

Paul says, “Now, that no one is justified by the Law before God is evident; for, “THE RIGHTEOUS ONE WILL LIVE BY FAITH.”? How is it evident?

What does he mean by, “THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL LIVE BY FAITH”? Does “live” in Galatians 3:11 mean live as in alive/a physical sense or does live refer to eternal life/a spiritual sense?

What does Paul mean by the Law is not of faith? What is the Law if not of faith?

What is the purpose of the Law?

How did Jesus redeem us from the curse? Who are the “us” Paul refers to in Galatians 3:13? How did He become a curse?

What does the phrase in Christ mean? How does Jesus bring the blessing of Abraham to the Gentiles?

In Galatians 3:14 Paul starts by talking about Gentiles gentiles and their connection to Abraham before saying “we”. What is Paul’s point here considering Paul was not a Gentile?