Only 1 Gospel

Jan 14, 2024    Pastor Mike

What was Paul amazed at?

What are some of the "different gospels" of our day?

What biblical doctrine(s) ("teaching") are under assault?

Paul uses some alarming words in this text; "deserting", "disturbing", "distorting", "damning", is this hyperbole or?

Paul states twice the harsh judgment of being "Accursed" or Damned! For what?

Paul resolves that its really an issue of who we seek to please! How does this help us?

What angels is Paul warning us of? Is this real or overstatement?

Can “sincere” people who don’t believe in Jesus go to heaven?

Can good people go to heaven?

Can Jews who believe in Jesus go to heaven IF they aren’t circumcised? Can Christians go to heaven if they aren’t baptized?