"Set Free" from Fear of Peoples' Approval

Jan 21, 2024    Pastor Mike

Do you have a hard time saying "No"? Afraid people will be unhappy with you?

As Christians, is it our job to make others happy?

Have you heard the terms "Co-dependency"? "Enabling"? Are you guilty of them?

Why are some people so enslaved to what others think of them?

The bible often uses a phrase "eye-service", what does it mean?

Can you think of people whose lives are crippled/ruined by trying to please others? How about in the Bible?

Does "Social media" have hooks into you? Do you often fear being judged, afraid your missing out, feel

covetous of others due to it?...

Do you have a proper and biblical self image? What does that look like?

Do you remember a time you stood alone against the crowds? Why? Would you again?

How important is the "approval" of others to you?

Paul warns us that pleasing God means losing "friends", would you make that choice?

Why do we not seem to want to please the one who loves us most? 

What is a bond-servant?