The real Lord's prayer

Apr 30, 2023    Pastor Mike

If you were only a few hours from a staggeringly dreadful death, how would your prayers sound?

Interestingly we see Jesus in a few prayer formats as He approaches the inconceivable, what are they?

Jesus raised His eyes to heaven as He prayed, do you ever? Why do we usually close our eyes?

Jesus is already declaring "glory"?! But how? What does this mean?

Our Lord describes what "eternal life" is, it's more than length, do you know? 17:2-3

In verse 5, Jesus makes a statement that could only be true IF He's God, what is it?

Did you know Jesus prays for you? Then and Now! There are other verses too!

Did you know what Jesus does NOT pray for? It may surprise you! 17:9

How does Jesus pray for us? At least 3 specific things!

Why does Jesus repeatedly distinguish that He and His are NOT of this world? Application?

Jesus emphatically states: "not one of them perished" and now we know our future is secure!

What are the practical lesson's from Jesus' prayer for us today?