Another Comforter

Apr 23, 2023    Pastor Mike

How much do you value the Holy Spirit?

Why is “Holy” in His name?

Is the Holy Spirit a person or merely an essence/power? How should we refer to the HS?

Do you embrace the Triune God, the Trinity?

Can a true Christian not have the Holy Spirit living within them?

Do you know the following terms about the Holy Spirit and His ministry?

Baptism of




Fruit of

Gifts of



Which is more important, the fruit or the gifts of the Spirit? How do we know?

How many voices do we hear? Are we influenced by?

Do you have an ear to the Spirits voice? Do you know when He’s leading? Not someone or something else?

How do you discern the Spirits voice from others?

Do you expect to be hated? Why do we crave approval from the world?

Jesus said its better that He goes away so the Spirit can come, have you experienced that?