The Son rises, the truth dawns, the darkness is dispelled

May 21, 2023    Pastor Mike

Which of Jesus' disciples "believed" He had risen on Resurrection day? Who was 1st?

2 Disciples Ran to see the empty tomb, why? How did they react?

There are a few interesting details, did you pick up on them and their meaning?

There is an illustrative theme woven through Johns gospel and it becomes visible here, what is it?

The 2 disciples who ran to the tomb were Peter and John, what lessons do these 2 men convey?

There were many doubts, is it a sin to doubt? Do you struggle with doubts?

Why do we doubt? Where do doubts come from?

What is the biggest reason most people doubt Jesus' resurrection?

How do/should Jesus' followers resolve and deal with doubt? How do you grow your faith?

What are some very real ways you and I wrestle with "doubts" today?

Jesus appeared to the disciples when Thomas wasn't there, Tom demanded proof. How would you have felt in his sandals? Does Thomas get an unfair criticism to call him "doubting Thomas"?

Is there anything significant about Jesus' 1st words/greeting to his followers?

Thomas responded in an interesting way, what does it show?

This chapter emphasizes true faith, how is it taught to us here? Who does Jesus say is "blessed"?