We are all going to die!!

Mar 26, 2023    Pastor Mike

Jesus Loved his disciples to the End! vs.1, The end meant a blood stained cross!

Jesus commanded his disciples to "love one another", actually an old commandment. Why does Jesus now call it "New"?

In this text Jesus speaks boldly of His predestined, intentional, essential, and horrific Death! What are the differences between His death and all others?

We also see the professed "willingness to die" for Jesus (He is worthy of our deaths) by His most outspoken and devoted followers, Peter and the disciples, How did that work out?

Finally, we see the notorious and ignominious death of the forsaken "traitor" Judas! We all die, the real question is why and are you ready?

The chapter begins with the declaration of Jesus' faithful Love to "the End" and contains the most infamous betrayal by any man ever and his contemptible and disgraceful demise. All who reject Christ are JUDAS! Do you agree? Why or why not?

The Chapter ends with Peter's sincere profession of his undying love and that he will die for Jesus. Jesus warned him he would end the night in denial and shame. What lesson should we learn here?

What is your testimony? You and I may be called upon to die for our faith, are you ready?!