Seeing Jesus on His knees!

Mar 19, 2023    Pastor Mike

The verses clearly point out Jesus "KNEW"! What did He know and what does that tell us?

Our text begins by saying Jesus Loved them (disciples) to the End! What did He mean by that?!

Can the devil put things in our heart? how?

Is "betrayal" especially hurtful? Why? Ps.41:9, 55:12-22

Jesus "laid His outer garments aside" could also be a metaphor for what?

Honestly, what were the disciples thinking when they saw Jesus get on His knees and serve them?

What did Peter say and what did Jesus mean by His rebuking response?

Most all churches agree on the ordinances of Baptism and Communion as essential practices, but a few others require regular practices of literal foot washings as part of the service, should we practice this? Jn.13:14

Jesus gave us this as an example! What does this say about the power of our example? Actions over words!

Jesus calls us slaves/servants (slave is a stronger more accurate word) in this text! Does that bother you? v.16

Are there ways the Lord would have you serve that are "beneath you"?

Is it true that many times the Blessing only comes in the doing?! Jn.13:17

Can you think of specific ways in which you have served others recently? Why not?

What are some specific ways the Holy Spirit is convicting you that you should "serve" more? Will you follow thru?