I AM the true Vine. Abide in me

Apr 16, 2023    Pastor Mike

Jesus, on the way to Gethsemane, shares the 7th "I AM' statement and expresses expectations of...?

How does Jesus' words reflect on old testament Imagery? Especially from Isaiah? Think "vines".

Since the Industrial revolution, many Americans have lost any/all sense of agricultural knowledge, which often has lessons for life. Do you know what pruning is? How does God get more fruit from us?

The Old testament also has some other illustrative warnings for gardens in the Old testament, remember any?

I don't mean to be "sappy" but What does it mean to abide in Christ?

Jesus expresses a growing expectation of His disciples and the fruit they will bear, what are the 3 measures?

What kind of fruit is Jesus speaking of, that He expects from the disciples? Why is John fascinated with Joy?

How can Jesus call us to "joy" as he's heading to the Cross in hours/

15:9-10 tell us to stay in Jesus' love, 15:17 He commands us to love each other, 15:18 He informs us the world will hate us! How does this enlighten your perspective?

One of the greatest challenges many Christians' face today is wanting everyone to like/love them! do you embrace the reality that some people will hate you! Especially when you stand with Jesus?!

What are the life sapping things in your life that steal your spiritual fruitfulness?