THE Way, NOT A Way!

Apr 2, 2023    Pastor Jason

The only way to be reconciled to the Father is by the true life giving way of Jesus Christ.

What's the definition of a definite article vs. an indefinite article? 

Why does Jesus say He is the way, the truth, and the life? Are those three descriptions related directly or indirectly? 

Does every religion/worldview have a concept of Heaven/Paradise?

What's the way to get to heaven/paradise for...

The Muslim in Islam?

The Jew in Modern Judaism?

The Mormon in Mormonism?

The Hindu?

The Jehovah's Witness?

The Eastern Orthodox?

The Roman Catholic?

The Atheist/Agnostic?

What is the biblical relationship between justification, faith, and works? 

Are the words of Paul in Ephesians 2 contradicting the words of James in James 2:14-26? Why or Why not?

Why is Jesus the only way to the Father based on John 14:1-15?

In the immediate context of John 14:6, what's the significance of Jesus' words in John 14:9-10?

What are your go-to Scriptures when it comes to defending the doctrine of the Trinity?

How do you respond when your heart is troubled?

How do Jesus' words in John 14:1 bring comfort to the believer? 

How would you show the exclusivity of Christ using other passages along with John 14:6?