Having peace in a world Jesus has left

Apr 9, 2023    Pastor Mike

Jesus is sharing His last earthly Incarnational moments (less than 24 hours), He's heading to a Cross and the atmosphere is surreal, the disciples are in a state of shock, disbelief and bewilderment. He's preparing them to face the most historical, dramatic and cosmic paradigm shift ever that's been or will be. How would you have heard Jesus?

Jesus said "Do not let your heart be troubled", How can we do that?

Does it strike you as funny that Jesus said NOT to be troubled, BUT He was?!

Consider these passages leading up to Jesus' passion:

Jn.11:33 Jesus was "troubled" by Lazarus' death

Jn.12:27 Jesus was "troubled" by His impending crucifixion

Jn.13:21 Jesus was "troubled" by Judas' betrayal

Jn.14:1 Jesus tells us NOT to be "troubled"? Are we missing something?

Jn.14:27 Jesus tells us again Not to be "troubled" (2x in one chapter/event) 

Jn.14:31 ends the chapter with Jesus saying "Get up, let’s go from here." They're heading to the garden where

He will be taken away to unjust trials.

Jesus also predicted more troubles to come, in this world! Why are we still surprised when they come?

What troubles face us today? Are His words still true for His followers, you and I?

What kind of Peace is Jesus talking about?

Jesus said it would be better for us now that He's leaving, why? Have you experienced it?

Most people bypass Good Friday and love Resurrection Morning! You cannot fully appreciate Jesus' work and sacrifice without experiencing both! Knowing the victory of the empty tomb, Jesus said those who truly accept the gift will Obey Him! Are you living in full obedience? If not, you don't love Him!