Jesus - Liar, Lunatic or Lord

Jan 8, 2023    Pastor Jason

Who is Jesus?

Does the personhood of Jesus even matter in the long run?

How would you explain Jesus’ divinity to an unbeliever? Have you ever been shocked by how much the world hates Jesus? Why does the world hate someone so much who has done nothing wrong or hurt anybody? Doesn’t this world say live your own truth but just don’t hurt anybody? Why doesn’t the same rhetoric apply to Jesus or His followers?

How would you correct a person’s understanding of who Jesus is if they think Jesus is merely a good teacher?

How would you respond to a Muslim or a Jew that calls Jesus a “great” prophet?

How would you show Jesus is not merely a philosopher of good living habits as though He is like Buddha?

How did Jesus describe Himself? Does that matter in this discussion? Is Jesus credible if He is testifying on His own behalf? (See John 5:31-47, John 8:12-30)

What passages would you go to in the Gospels to show that Jesus is FACT God and divine?

What evidence can you find in the rest of the New Testament of Jesus’ divinity and divine nature?

Who are some people throughout human history who have declared themselves to be God or divine? Can a person in fact prove to people that they are God? How do those people compare to Jesus?

Why is it absolutely essential to a person’s eternal destiny to understand exactly who Jesus is? In reality is there any question significant to a person’s life that answers the first question of who is Jesus Christ?